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How many years of experience do your firm have?

We have a Freelancing experience of over 8 years and additional 5 years of experience as a whole team and as a corporation. We have a complete transparency between our Employees and operate as a single unit.

Do you have experience in doing projects at small scale and large scale ?

We own projects from a very small scale to a bigger scale. The projects vary from a few days to weeks to months. We do not have any minimum or maximum quote limits on any projects.

What should I do if I want to discuss a project with you ?

Please Email us at We can also share a call at 669 256 8234. To discuss further, we can schedule a Video meeting to go over the key points of the project and the next steps.

How do you manage bigger projects ?

We set proper milestones before beginning each project. The Milestones consist of estimated timelines and the list of tasks to be performed. The Engineering team follows exact timelines and make sure the client knows well in advance of any future challenges. We also conduct regular meetings with our clients to discuss the latest developments on the project.

How big is your team of Engineers ?

We have a total of Three Engineers and two contractors. We have a mix of Hardware, Software and Firmware Engineering talent. Our Engineering team is a full stack developing team with a full experience of developing products from scratch to production.

Can I request a quote if my project requirement is very small ?

Of course. We undertake micro projects as well and provide proper timelines and quotations that justify the work to be done.

Who will be the primary point of contact of your company ?

Yugansh Bansal will be the primary contact of leading all the projects undertaken by the company. He can always be reached via Email or phone.